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Travel Medicine Clinic & Vaccination Clinic

A Travel Medicine & Vaccination Clinic is now available at the Clover Care Medical Clinic

March 1, 2007 — Clover Care Medical Clinic is very pleased to announce that a Travel Medicine and Vaccination Clinic is now available. This clinic is provided by Dr. Fahim and is designed to help travelers with their health requirements while away on business or vacation. He will also be offering advice with general immunizations for adults and children.

Whether it is for business or pleasure, many people today now travel to more exotic destinations and for this reason require more extensive health care advice and preparation prior to departure. Very often immunizations must be updated and new vaccinations are strongly advised to protect against tropical and other diseases when traveling far away from home. Travel advice has become complicated and changes frequently. Many prospective travelers may already have health issues and need to take regular medications and yet still wish to travel. Travel Medicine has now become a specialty.

Our goal is to provide you with the latest information on travel risks and health threats and to help you to make well-informed choices in travel vaccines and medicines.

You have likely spent a lot of money for your trip. Don’t waste time being sick on business or vacation. Perhaps more importantly, you could avoid having to cope with language barriers and a foreign medical system which may be very different to what you are accustomed to.

Many travelers are able to complete all their immunizations in one initial visit. However, sometimes there are just too many vaccines to be given in a single visit. Also, some vaccinations require a series of injections given over a specific period of time.

Hepatitis B vaccination for example generally requires three injections given over a 6 month period for full effect. However, adequate protection can often be achieved in significantly less time. So don’t delay. Begin your travel immunization process as early as possible so that all the required immunizations can be completed before your departure date.

Remember that you may need more than one visit to complete all your required vaccinations – so book early. However, it is never too late to begin the process!

Please call (604) 450-0519 to make an appointment to discuss your travel needs.