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Our clinic offers a complete range of medical services including:-

bullet Family practice including childhood immunizations, flu vaccines, complete physical examinations & referrals to specialists.
bullet “Gynae” clinics and PAP smears.
bullet Pre-op examinations, driver’s license examinations, WCB First Aid examinations and RCMP employment physicals
bullet On-site emergency care including suturing of lacerations, treatment of burns, eye injuries, removal of foreign bodies and casting of minor fractures
bullet Injections including allergy shots, nail removal, incision and drainage of cysts, wart treatment and mole removal
bullet Continuity of care in the treatment of work-related injuries and injuries sustained as a result of a motor vehicle accident.
bullet Assessment & completion of government disability forms
bullet Assessment & completion of forms required by non-medical organizations such as insurance companies, employers, employee unions, lawyers, etc. (Please note that there may be a charge associated with form completion)


We are supplied with the following equipment for diagnosis & treatment:-

bullet Fetal Doppler.
bullet Nebulizer for treatment of asthma.
bullet Liquid Nitrogen to treat warts and minor skin lesions.
bullet Cast removal saw.
bullet Oxygen.


A Travel Medicine Clinic is now available from Dr. Fahim and includes:-

bullet Pre- and post-travel consultations
bullet Vaccinations to protect against a wide variety of tropical and other diseases associated with travel.
bullet Advice on the prevention of a wide range of travel-related health risks including diarrhea, jet lag, altitude sickness, malaria, yellow fever and avian flu
bullet Prevent potential travel-related health problems before they arise.
bullet Protect yourself against exposure to travel-related health risks.
bullet Please call (604) 450-0519 to schedule an appointment.


A Cosmetic Medicine Clinic is now available from Dr. Frankel and includes:-

bullet Botox injections to treat the effects of aging on the face and remove wrinkles.
bullet Treat excessive underarm sweating by Botox injection.
bullet Restylane filler injections to treat the effects of aging on the skin causing wrinkles and depressions.
bullet Please see our Press Release for more information on these exciting new therapies to combat aging.